Tester call for Crochet: Mason Mushroom Yarn Scrap Jar

I need testers for my Free Mason Mushroom Yarn Scrap Jar - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

 Hello!  Thanks first and foremost for checking out this tester call!  This is a super simple little Mason Jar cover that I love!  I use it as a yarn scrap jar and as a little mushroom light if you put and electric tea candle in it! 

 Me and my Crochet Buddy made these together in around 1.5-2 hours.  They use minimal yarn and are easy to make using simple stitches.  

 The yarn I used is Chunky and Jumbo.  (This is my educated guess at the size, sadly I lost the cover). I used a 8mm hook.  

 In this pattern you need hot glue and a mason jar!  I want to mention that because I know some people may not have these supplies.  

 What I expect from my testers is pictures, a journal, and feedback such as, was it easy to follow? and more of the like.  

 I will choose (hopefully) 3 testers on the 10th of June.  I will want to have results back on the 17th.  I am flexible and if you need an extra day or two please message me.  

 I will be checking up on this post often if any of you have questions!  Thank you so much for reading this long post šŸ˜…. Have a blessed day (or night) and happy crocheting!!!

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Do you have to use chonky yarn? Iā€™d be curious to try this out for ya, But I think I am out of chonky yarn. Plus, I am wondering how it would look in just an acrylic. Thanks!


You could try, I used a bigger yarn for the cap than the base, and you might have to do more rounds to increase the size of the bottom if you use smaller yarn.






Hi I would love to test this :star_struck:

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