Tester call for Crochet: Mini chicken nugget CLOSED

Crochet ePattern
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Hi! I need about 5-6 testers for this crochet mini chicken nugget pattern !

Testing rules/information

  1. The due date is August 1st if you need more time you can message me

    • testers will have until 8:00 EST on August 1st
  2. You are not expected to use the same yarn weight or color

    • know that I have not used a small weight
  3. Testers with more karma will be more likely to be chosen

    • Tester will be chosen an hour after this posts!
  4. Journals are required!

    • please message me with any problems and do not put them in journals as they can be fixed

so cute! <3

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I would apply but I don’t have the right colors your patterns are so cute


Thank you so much :blush:



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