Tester call for Crochet: Mini Fun-gi: Mushroom Buddy

Hello everyone! I need testers for my Mini Fungi Crochet Pattern: This is no-sew and takes less than an hour to make. I also have a jumbo version that I’ll make a testing call for soon!

  • due 1/29
  • journal required
  • use any yarn or colors you like!
  • I’m looking for about 6 people
  • I’ll choose testers by 1/17, earlier if there is a lot of interest

Click pattern photo to apply:


Aw! He’s so cute!! Good luck with testing!


SO CUTE! I would love to test for you


Adorable Little Mushroom :mushroom:


How cute! I applied I would probably use acrylic worsted weight yarn :yarn::smile:

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Cute!!! Love that it’s no sew! I would love to test this little guy :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

A bit about me… I learned to crochet in the fall of last year and have successfully made a few blankets, Ami’s, and wearables. I have just started testing for others and really enjoy the experience!

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My grandson thinks it’s one of the mushroom from Mario. Adorable.

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I’d love to test! My previous work can be seen on Instagram. It’s linked to my profile. It’s a really cute design!:heart:

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