Tester call for Crochet: Moshpit Crochet Keychain Pattern

Hi! :blush: I am looking for 8 pattern testers to test my crochet pattern inspired by the character Moshpit :green_circle: from the game VALORANT!

:cherry_blossom: Tester call will close on Saturday, June 22nd
:cherry_blossom: I will choose testers on Saturday, June 22nd.

:dizzy: Due Date: July 6th

:white_heart: Testers will be required to finish the pattern within 2 weeks (by Saturday, July 6th)

:white_heart: Testers shall be okay with providing constructive feedback on the pattern

:white_heart: Testers shall be okay with sending their final product photos to me through Google drive

Note: This is a beginner-intermediate pattern!
This pattern uses a 2.0mm hook and super fine yarn (weight 1) for details on the eyes and ears.

  • you can use different yarn as long as the bigger yarn weight is about +3 more than the smaller yarn

For example:
if you use a yarn weight of 7 for the bigger yarn, use a yarn weight of 4 for the smaller yarn and change your crochet hook sizes accordingly.

Thank you :two_hearts:

Click pattern photo to apply:
Moshpit Crochet Keychain Pattern




Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Super cute gl with testing!!


I would love to test i love valorant so much is one of my fav games!!!Ahhh!


Haha me tooo i grinded and streamed so much valorant during the covid times :face_holding_back_tears: thank you for applying :heart:


Omg whats your stream! Im actually streaming rn re8 tho resident evil 8 that is haha

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Im retired streamer now but its @kacyes on twitch hahaha oo ill give you a follow as well~

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Mine should be tinythundercat1 and ill still drop a follow!

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