Tester call for: Crochet Mouse

I need testers for my Crochet Mouse - Crochet ePattern
Due Date: :dizzy: July 22th :dizzy:
Additional Requirements:
:mouse2: For the main color of the mouse please use neutral colors. (e.g: white gray, brown, etc.) Also use pink yarn for the other parts of the mouse

:cheese: Please use a 5mm hook for the mouse’s body and feet. Use a 2.75 mm hook or 3mm hook for ears and arms.

:mouse2:This pattern does require sewing for the mouse’s ears, arms , feet, and tail.

:cheese: A journal is required, and a photo of the finished mouse is required as well.

:mouse2: Constructive criticism is welcome, but please be polite :slight_smile:

:cheese: Please no ghosting.

:dizzy: Picking testers on Monday!! :dizzy:
pattern photo to apply:
Crochet Mouse


I would LOVE to test! applying now!

Soooo cute! :cheese: :mouse:
Goodluck with testing!

I couldn’t edit the original post, but I just wanted to say that the due date has been changed to July 24th and I will be picking testers Wednesday July 17th. Although I am willing to give extensions, if needed.

Attention to all the testers who applied for my mouse tester call. I appreciate all of you wanting to help test and improve my pattern, but due to some unexpected personal issues I will not be active on Ribblr for some time, and I will not continue with the testing process for this mouse. Hope you all understand, and I hope to be back soon.

I would love to test this out!