Tester call for Crochet: Nautical Doll

I need testers for my Nautical Doll - Crochet ePattern
Due Date: July 11th

This is my first written pattern so any and all feedback is appreciated!!
This pattern does required quite a bit of materials.

:blue_heart:This WILL be a pay pattern
:green_heart:Due Date: July 11th I want to give plenty of time since this pattern is a bit advanced!
:yellow_heart:I will gift testers final pattern once completed
:orange_heart:I won’t require lots of messaging but know I will be available to answer questions if you get confused on anything
:heart:Feedback on visuals provided is greatly appreciated
:purple_heart:I will be selecting 4-5 testers for this project on Monday June 11th

Click pattern photo to apply:
Nautical Doll


I love that! I might apply but I worry that I am not experienced enough, although it might be good to have different skill levels test. I might also need an extension because complicated stuff takes me a while (like it does for everyone, but especially me!) :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: such an adorable pattern! love it so much!

Edit: I applied. I couldn’t help myself because it’s so cute!


I only wish I had time to do this test pattern. I have so much on my plate right now. I’m sorry.


I would love to give this a go as she looks beautiful! I’m not overly experienced in doll making though so it might not be picture perfect! I would of course try my hardest though, and it would be nice to test something outside my comfort zone!


This is adorable! I have made quite a few dolls & would love to help test this cutie! I am advanced at amigurumi & would be able to complete by the deadline. :blush: :blue_heart:


Good luck on your testing! You’ll want to include any yarn/color/hook requirements you may have.


I love this! I havent made a doll before but I have made baby louis! The blue was a design choice since he’s a bit on the creepy side lol


Omg that’s actually amazing it made me laugh so much I need something like that in my life rn :sob:

She is adorable! If I had time I definitely would apply, I just don’t think I could get it and everything else I have going done in time. Just wanted to say she is so cute!

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This is really cute and i’d love to test it!
Do you have any yarn prefence or can i use velvety yarn for the hair?

Testers have been selected. Thank you so much everyone for your interest and engagement on my post! :sparkling_heart:

OH MY GOODNESS! I saw this and my jaw was literally on the floor! I really hope I can test for you!

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She is sooo adorable and perfect, good luck with testing! :heart:

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so adorable. A sailor girl.