Tester call for Crochet: No-Sew Blueberry Breeze Teacup

Hey everyone! Remember my tester call a couple days ago for the berry bliss teacup? Well, here’s the second pattern in the four-part collection: the Blueberry Breeze Teacup!
I’d love to have around 4-5 testers for this pattern, but if you aren’t chosen to test, there are still two more teacups to come soon :D.

Due Date: June 4th
Testers will be chosen on May 30th.
Additional Requirements:
:blueberries: Provide a journal
:blueberries: Give detailed feedback
:blueberries: Take a decent-quality photo
:blueberries: Ability to follow a basic crochet pattern
:blueberries: Follow my shop (optional, but appreciated!)
Click pattern photo to apply:
Blueberry Breeze Teacup


Aw this is so cute

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done and done


Thanks so much! You’ve been really great :D.

That is hilarious and cute. I love it.

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Now that I know it’s a line, I need them all! Applied! I tried to follow your shop, but I don’t see one? Try logging out and logging back in.

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Thank you! I think so too :D.

Huh, that was weird
I logged out and back in and it looks like it’s linked now
Thanks for the help! (and for applying :>)

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Bump! I’d really appreciate a couple more testers for this, it’s a really quick make and barely uses any yarn!

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