Tester call for Crochet: No Sew Tortoise

I need testers for my No Sew Tortoise - Crochet ePattern
Due Date: 18th of July (may extend longer if there’s any critical errors). If you need an extention, please let me know before the 18th.

Click pattern photo below to apply:
No Sew Tortoise

The legs are fully moveable and (in my opinion) a really fun toy to play with and fidget! It can easily lay down or stand up upon completion!

:turtle: Will be selecting testers about July 4th
:turtle: I used: worsted weight polyester yarn with a 3.25mm hook, then a 3.50mm hook with acrylic worsted for top shell. Came out 5 ½ inches from head to back leg (while laying down)
:turtle: I’m looking for: at least advanced-beginner crocheters with an understanding of written patterns.
:turtle: Estimated time to make: 3-4 hours with fairly steady to slow crocheting pace. (I imagine if you’re a fast crocheter can easily make up at least 1 tortoise 2 hours!)
:turtle: weight/color/fiber and hook requirements: None at all, use any colors you’d like! Just use an appropriate hook for your yarn. * Theres a probability the shell yarn might have to be at least equal to or thicker than the yarn used for the legs and head to look right (may need to be tested to comfirm).
:turtle: Please write below what type of yarn (weight and fiber) you’ll be using below so i can get a variety of different types :blush:
:turtle: Pattern will be released “follower exclusive” free

Thank you for the interest! Please let me know if you have any questions! :purple_heart:


Super cute! Good luck with testing!


Thank you so much :blush::purple_heart::purple_heart:


I would love to test! I would use a 3mm hook and velvet yarn!

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I applied, of course! :wink:


I would probably use worsted, or chenille.


Thank you, you guys! :blush::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Edit: changed date to 18th because i realized 16th wouldnt be 2 weeks if im accepting people in 2 days :grimacing:

worsted weight acrylic and 3.5mm hook.

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I applied too. My lizard needs a friend :smiley:

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I want to do blanket yarn. I also think I want to make the feet weighted, to assist with standing (If that is okay. It would not change the look or pattern.)

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Sure! Can go for it :grin::purple_heart: Would be a great idea. I would love to see how big it’ll become with blanket yarn :heart_eyes:

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Seriously i’m testing 4 things right now, not sure if I’ll be able to finish all of them, and I have to slap my hand to not apply to this!!! (JK keep making cute stuff)

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I absolutely understand :rofl: i saw so many cute testers put up just today! Also thank you :wink: I’ll keep making cutie patterns!

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Still open for more testers :blush::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: I’ll be selecting Testers tomorrow ~

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