Tester call for Crochet pattern: Teddy Bear Amigurumi

Hi everyone, I’m looking for pattern testers for my Teddy Bear Amigurumi Pattern. I’d like testers to start no later than November 19th and submit their notes no later than November 27th. Testers also need to be available to answer any follow up questions (if needed).

Here are the requirements:
-Must have a public crochet-related Instagram account.
-Must take at least four pictures of the final product, one from the top, the bottom, the left, and the right. Cell phone cameras are okay.
-Must take at least one picture of the final product, post it to your Instagram stories, and tag me.
-Must answer all of the questions I send to you.

If you finish all of this by the 27th, you’ll receive a free finalized copy of the pattern, as well as a shout out in my Instagram stories.

I need testers for my Teddy Bear Amigurumi - Crochet ePattern


Good luck with your test, sorry I’m too busy to apply this time


Cute! Good luck with your test!


So cute! It reminds me of the teddy bear of a cartoon, but not sure which one… Best of luck with your test!


Super cute!! Good luck with testing :two_hearts: