Tester call for Crochet pattern: The Lucy hat

I need testers for my pattern The Lucy hat - Crochet ePattern

This will be my first time getting a pattern tested and I’m also still figuring out how Ribblr works, so this will be a learning experience for me.

I am looking for 5-6 testers who know how to work in-the-round, make puff stitches, and make front and back post stitches. I would also like testers who are willing to point out mistakes in my pattern and are willing to give suggestions on how to fix them.

The deadline is Oct 1, but there is some flexibility on that.

Now, this is the part that I’m especially excited about. When testers complete the pattern, I would love to see a picture of someone modeling your finished, tested hat (you or a friend). This pattern is based on a hat that I’ve seen in a movie based on a book by a famous author. I would love for my testers to guess what movie it’s from and take a picture to recreate the character that wears the hat. This is not a contest and there will no prizes, but I will be adding my favorite pictures from my testers to the pattern pictures, with your permission. I will also credit the testers for their pictures. If you already know what movie this is from, please don’t spoil it for anybody else.

Let me know that you want to be a tester and I will add you.


Hi What yarn, amount , please, gauge, crochet hook and any other special instructions apart from puff stitch, front and back post stitches Im away at Rotorua but my Birthday is September 5 and im in New Zealand id love to be a tester for you ive done 3 testing patterns . Id love to test your pattern :blush::blush: Im actually looking after my mum the deadline works for me as my test pattern deadline lastest is September 10 . The hat looks great, beautiful work. :heart_eyes: thankyou for letting me apply.


Hi! One of the yarns that I used is only available here in the US. I’ve also used Lion Brand’s Mandala yarn. But I think that any weight 3 yarn will work. The gauge is measured using the first 3 rounds of the pattern, which I explain in the gauge section of the pattern. The hook size that you will need is a F5 3.75mm hook. If you have any more questions, please let me know. Thank you so much for volunteering to test my pattern! :blush:




about how many yds/oz did you use for the hat?


I used roughly 204 yds or 2.85 oz of yarn.


okay i would like to test it :blush:


If still needing tester count me in!


Hi i would love to test this out!

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