Tester call for Crochet pattern: The Margaret Shawl

Hi y’all!

I need testers for The Margaret Shawl Crochet ePattern!
This is my first crochet pattern so I’d love to know what you think & anything I need to add or change. I plan on adding a few more links to techniques. Hopefully y’all can see them in the pattern! I’m hoping to have at least 3 testers if possible. It’s a really fast pattern, but I don’t mind doing a month window just in case. I’m so excited to share my crochet shawl with y’all!

I used a size Q crochet hook and about 129 yds of super bulky K+C yarn. (This yarn is on sale at Jo Anns). I don’t mind what yarn is used!

Thank you so much,


I need testers for my The Margaret Shawl - Crochet ePattern


Very cute, good luck with your test!


That looks unique!


Thank you so much! :heartbeat:


That looks really cool :purple_heart: I don’t have any big yarn available but if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to make a small version with thinner yarn :grin: like then it would kinda work as a shawl for amigurumi/plushies I think

It’s totally okay to say no if that’s not a kind of test you’d prefer

Like I wouldn’t be able to really give feedback on gauge because making something small and not like wearable, but I would be able to look over the pattern and give feedback if it’s good/clear to follow and such


This looks really cool! Like I can see this looking really witchy for October and Im down ^^
Im kind of interested in testing.
How would you grade it though (beginner, intermediate, etc?) and what stitches are needed? Maybe you have a bigger picture that shows more detail? I dont wanna say I’ll test it and then notice its past my abilities.


Thank you! :heart:


Hi @WolfKvB I totally don’t mind if you use different yarn/gauge! I’ve never written a pattern before so I would love any feedback :purple_heart:

i bet it would turn out really cool with thin yarn too! I gotta see it modeled on plushies I’ll cry happy tears lol

Thank you for being one of my testers! I’ll send it out as soon as I figure out how


@Mupfinsmiley I would say I would grade it beginner/intermediate. I used Half double crochet stitches (HDC). I also used slip stitches, and magic circle at the beginning. You could use a different way to make a circle like a slipknot or a tiny chain circle at the beginning to crochet into. I made a video of how to do the magic circle in the pattern. The shawl is made a whole lot like a granny square. I just don’t go all the way around! I put some pictures in there of the beginning where it starts. It’ll make more sense with pictures I think!
I can also make videos of parts of the pattern! Let me know if you’re still interested in testing! :purple_heart:


Oh definitely! Id say I’m on an intermediate level! I made my first triangle shawl earliere this year and I take it everywhere so having more than one could be nice ^^.


Awesome :grin: if you need some help figuring out sending it, let me know? I’ve send out some patterns to testers and have tested before so should be able to help a bit with that as well


This looks so cool! I’d love to test your pattern if you’re still looking for testers :relaxed:


@WolfKvB Thank you so much! I tried sending it out! Hopefully it worked :sweat_smile:
@distractedDiscoball7 yes! Thank you so much :smiling_face: :hugs: