Tester call for Crochet pattern: Turtle Egg Cover

I need testers for my Turtle Egg Cover - Crochet ePattern

Would love 4 to 6 testers for my Turtle Easter Egg Cover.

There are three sizes SM(4cm egg), Med (6cm egg) and LG (8cm egg).
Let me know what size you want to test.
Will pick & start adding testers on 1/10/23

Due date: 1 week after being added to testers (if you need more time because you need hater supplies, let me know and we can work something out)

Supplies: three colors of yarn ( less than 50yards total). G(4.00mm) hook & D (3.00mm) hook if doing small size. Safety eyes (6-12mm) or google eyes/buttons whatever you like to use for your eyes. Tapestry needle for sewing parts on, scissors are helpful for most projects. And of course an egg for it to cover (sizes above, plastic eggs less messy than real eggs)

Required: communication! respond to the group message, send feedback about the pattern, and make a public journal.

Appreciated but not required: send a final photo through the message to be used on a social post, post on social and tag me.


I would love to test this project for you!


awesome. I will be adding people to testers on Tuesday.


Oh, this is a fabulous idea!!!


So cute! i would love to test this project

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Awesome I will be adding you to tester’s tomorrow :blush:

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I am new here and not sure if there are rules to being a tester, but I would love to test out the pattern!

@croshayna, @mimilikecrochet, & @Windyshook
I have add you guys to testers for the Turtle Easter Egg Cover.
I will send out a message soon, please respond to the message when you get it and start a public journal when you start your turtle project.
Thank you for volunteering your time to test my pattern, I appreciate you!