📣Tester call for Crochet: Penelope Poncho🧚

Good afternoon!! I have finally finished the pattern for my Penelope Poncho. I am looking for 5 trust worthy testers to test this out for me by JAN 26!

Testing Parameters:

  • Deadline 1/26/24

  • Taking Applications until 12/24!

  • This pattern uses weight 2 yarn, I would like 2 testers to use mohair, 2 to use fingering weight and 1 to use a weight 4. Please comment which weight you can use after you apply. :speech_balloon: 693 yards of weight 2 were needed for size small. I recommend having extra just in case. All colors / fibers welcome. :rainbow:

  • Pattern is beginner friendly but I need testers experienced in pattern usage and testing that can help me make necessary adjustments, price, measure etc.

  • It is made to measure so if you need a larger size you can just add more rows! Testers must tell me the size they made, number of beginning chains and number of rows.

-MUST be willing to communicate and send progress photos in good lighting. If I do not hear from you after you are chosen to test you will be removed. Bonus points for photos you allow me to share on my socials! :fire:


-Testers will receive the pattern and karma upon completion. I will also post your work on my social with tags! Also trying to come up with another incentive / gift for y’all at the end, stay tuned. :sparkling_heart:

-Please comment any questions you may have!

Click the photo to apply! :point_down:t2:
I need testers for my Penelope Poncho - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


It looks so good! I wish I had the right amount and type of yarn so I could test :smiling_face_with_tear:


Thank you !! What kind of yarn do you have? :smiling_face:


Just some random worsted weight, I usually do small amigurumi so I don’t really have enough to make it


I hear ya! No worries friend. :smiling_face:

Amigurumi isn’t my thing so I usually have lots of duplicates or big skeins for large projects! If you get some for Christmas and still want to test lmk!!

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Alright! Thanks!

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Merry Christmas everyone!! I am still looking for 3 people to test this easy poncho pattern for me. Below is the link to my tester call over in the testing zone. I would like testers to use a lace to fingering weight yarn, 693 yards of weight 2 was needed for a small more for a larger size.

Read @ link for details!


I would be able to use either fingering weight or worsted if either are needed :blush:

Fingering would be amazing! I will add you to the group if you’re still interested! :smiling_face:

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