Tester call for Crochet: Pentagon AirPod Couch Free Crochet Pattern

Hey crocheters,

I’m looking for 7-8 crocheters to test my Pentagon AirPod pouch crochet pattern. I would love your valueable feedback for this pattern.

Will chose the testers on 1st of July and the pattern will be sent out.

To apply you should have the following requirements.

:black_small_square:No ghosting or opting out after being selected.

:black_small_square:Have a public Instagram account. So we can communicate easily. You can follow me or dm me there once you’re selected.

:black_small_square:Start a journal for the pattern here on Ribblr

:black_small_square:Should be able to post clear picture.

:black_small_square:Deadline to Complete the pattern will be 21st July, so you have ample of time to crochet it.

Click pattern photo to apply:
Pentagon AirPod Couch  Free Crochet Pattern


You can find me on insta @the_zengarden_

This is super cute! I would love to test.


I would love to test but I don’t use my insta account ):

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You can go ahead and apply if you want

I’m bone.familycreations

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