Tester call for Crochet: Perry the Platypus No-Sew Crochet Pattern

Hi everyone! I’ve been working on this Perry the Platypus pattern for a while and I am so excited to be posting the tester for it!! :heart: i am wanting 5-6 testers with a few experienced testers and few not so experienced. If you want to test but don’t have much karma, just comment below! There are no yarn requirements, but I would like to know what size yarn and hook you use, as well as an estimated size of your finished project. I would like to also know how long it took you to complete. :blush: Please post a journal when you are finished! I will be picking testers on December 11. You will have till the 22 of December to complete, but if you need a bit more time, please message me! If you have any more questions about testing let me know!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:- Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


This is adorable! Good luck with testing 🫶🏼


aw its SO CUTE unfortunatley i applied to way too many tester calllls!


I would love to try him. My daughter have learned about platypuses at school and loves them. I would make him wit durable cosy (Belgium) hook size 4mm. So he will look different then yours. :smiling_face:

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Aww he’s adorable. I wish I could test him. Good luck with testing.

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Awww, he is so cute! I would love to be chosen to test it for you. I am new to crocheting but have been learning quickly and have tested out a few other patterns. I am having so much fun testing for people, and amigurumi has become a passion of mine. I have 1 test I am staring today, but I will have time to finish yours up before the due date.

This is sooo cute! I absolutely love platypuses and would love to pattern-test this!!

I would love to be a tester I haven’t been one yet but have been crocheting for 8 months and just found ribbler I LOVE the app and crocheting.

I believe I applied, and don’t know how to remove it. I would like to test it but I would probably change his mouth, and in that case I wouldn’t be a good tester, so if altering a pattern is not wanted, I remove myself from the list, sorry for bothering :pleading_face:

Omg love it girl!!! I would test it, but I have a lot of patterns to make for Christmas, I’m sorry. Love you girly pops!!!

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