Tester call for Crochet: Positive potato

I need testers for my Positive potato - Crochet ePattern
Due Date: July 20th
Additional Requirements: there will be a group chat I would appreciate if you would not ghost . I would like you to make a journal but if there is something wrong with the pattern please put it in the group chat. I would also like if one tester could test the positive potato’s boat
Click pattern photo to apply:
Positive potato

This is one of my first patterns so please be patient
There are no yarn requirements


do you have a picture of the boat? and are there any yarn requirements? it’s so cute!


There are no yarn requirements and this is the boat


id love to test! I’ll apply to both! I’d probably use velvet yarn and a 3.5mm hook for the potato!

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Ok I will definitely accept you but I am gonna wait for a little to get a few more peopl to make the group chat


arhhhgg i loveee potatoes!


that’s great, thank you!

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I would love to test this in velvet yarn and a 3.5 or 4mm hook!:potato:

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I would love to apply! And would love to make the boat as well!! So cute!

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