Tester call for Crochet: Sally\'s patchwork bagg

I need testers for my Sally's patchwork bag - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Hiii! So the past testers for this bag weren’t able to complete this and I think it’s a super pretty pattern that deserves to be posted so I’m posting a tester call again!
I need 3 testers, and this time I’ll give an extend due date (1st of January 2024) if you need more time please let me know :DD no yarn requirements but I’d prefer that you use the same colors as the original bag (yellow blue and pink) I think that’s all! Testers will be chosen tomorrow at 7:30am EEST (if I don’t forget)


It appears you accidentally uploaded the post before the image was done uploading, good luck with testing :smile:


Thabks! And I actually don’t have a picture I just thought of the pattern that’s why I need to test it

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Oooo loooks cuuutttee but I have zero experience with crocheting a bag :3
Good luck with testing !


Thank you!



    • how big?
    • what time?
    • will it take long?
    • is it granny square or something else?
    • is it time consuming?

Thank you,
From Your friendly neighbor Tree :deciduous_tree:


Oh shoot these are some questions

1: umm around the same size as uhh I think a bit smaller than a tote
2: idk what u mean but it took me like 40 minutes per square and multiply by 11 that’s 440 minutes plus 100 for sewing and the handles around 540 minutes that’s nine hours
3: I think 9 hours is long
4: basically just a square (ch20 and sc around till it’s a square)
5: yeah pretty time consuming

Hopefully I can help a little by sharing that I completed this during the first test.

It is in my makes if anyone needs to see it.
It took me approximately 4 days. This was one day when I sat in the afternoon and got the squares done.
Then a couple of hours for three days putting them together.
The pattern is really easy to follow.

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Thanks for the info Donna :))

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