Tester call for Crochet: Santa Scrunchie

I need testers for my Santa Scrunchie - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Im looking for 4-5 testers that would like to test my Santa Scrunchie! This pattern is very simple so it shouldnt take a lot of time to get done! If youre interested in testing please read below

Rules to apply:

:santa: Follow my shop (optional)
:santa:Must be willing to communicate! If I dont hear from you after being selected youll be removed from testing
:santa: Be able to give honest feedback about the pattern
:santa: Must complete a journal! Including 1 photo of finished project
:santa: Yarn requirements: None! But I would like you to use same colors.
:santa: Duedate: Saturday December 16th (Short duedate due to a quick project!) (Picking testers today)


Applied! :heart::white_heart:

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Added you!

What type of hair tie do I need to use? I have several kinds but not sure any are quite the right ones for this type of project

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Do you strictly want red and white used?

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For this one yes! To stick to the ssnta suit colors. Ill have a different version soon

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Just a normal black hairtie , but feel free to experiment with any if youd like!

Ok hon I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it :two_hearts:

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