Tester call for Crochet: Small candy corn

I need testers for my Small candy corn - Crochet ePattern
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This sweet little pattern is a quick make for candy corn! I love using these for my markets in the fall ! I wanna have some testers just to be sure its easy to read and follow. I used bernat blanket yarn for this and would rather you use that size. For testers that apply ill approve as you apply and id like to have it tested and done by september 18th! Any feedback is helpful


I would mention the due date, if a specific yarn/yarn color is needed, when you’ll be picking testers and any other requirements you may have, good luck with testing! :smile:


I’m sorry, I don’t own any chunky yarn.


I dont have orange and yellow chunky yarn but i have white, light brown and light pink! I would love to test :smiley:


So cute,
Good luck with testing


Very cute and easy to make. I made one the other night and added eyes and string to make a key chain.


cute and squishy! I hope folks have fun trying it out


Ooo! I’ve been looking for Halloween patterns and this looks perfect! I’d love to test!


I noticed this pattern used to be in my tester page but it’s in my main pattern listings now, so I’m a little confused. I’m still planning to do it, but wanted to make sure you still wanted it done. ^-^

I finished my candycorn! Pattern was mostly easy to follow and work with! I wound up with a roughly hand-sized plushie that works nicely as a stress ball I gave to my husband. (He’s a workaholic, he needs something. XD)

I will say the last line’s instructions were a little confusing, with the slip stitching to close, I wasn’t entirely sure what was meant by that. An alternative instruction might allow for FO with a sewing tail and ladder stitch the line together instead, but it does work both ways… If I did it right. The bottom of mine looks an awful lot like the bottom of yours, so I think I did it right. ^-^

I would love to test :grin: I have been looking for a candy corn pattern so I can sell some fall stuff at my next market. ( I have the right colors in super bulky)weight 6

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You did!! I use slst to close si.ple plushies but i will write that into the patter. As an option to sew it closed as well!

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