Tester call for Crochet: Spooky Accessories

I need testers for my Spooky Accessories - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

I’m looking for a few testers and will pick them on the 19th. If you’re interested in testing, please let me know which one of the decorative pieces (ghost, bat or cauldron) you would like to make!

This project was made with a 1.5 mm hook and embroidery thread/yarn. You can go bigger if you wish, but then you might want to use the pattern for something else than the hair clips you see on the photo!

This pattern is aiming to dress up different accessories–the pattern focuses on hair clips, but it’s possible to make this sit on a hair band as well.
So, special things you will need to complete this test:

  • Hair clip or other accessory item to dress up
  • Felt
  • Glue–preferably a glue gun

This is what I expect from you as a tester:
:ghost: Post a photo of the finished cat in a journal
:ghost: Point out flaws in the pattern and keep an open line of communication in the group chat
:ghost: Be able to finish the pattern before the deadline/due date; 3rd October

You can use whatever colors you like :slight_smile:


Hoi, I’d love to test the little cauldron.
I dont have hair accessories but i have these pins I could use

Also, the smallest yarn I have is size 1 super fine yarn and 2mm hook.


Hi I would love to test this and I would like to test the ghost clip. Sadly I don’t have any clips, however I do have a headband.


@Anion Oh, that would be interesting! And I think 2 mm would work well with this sort of accessory :slight_smile:

@Munnchkin123456789 A headband would be fine :slight_smile:


Omg these are so cute, i could test the bat x


Omg so cute!!! Id be interested in testing the ghost clip! But all of them i love​:heartbeat:


Thank you :blush: Everyone’s allowed to test any or all of them, of course!

When chosing testers I’ll just look at the comments to see so each decoration piece has a tester or more :blush: Thank you all for showing interest!


Well I have a whole stash of hair clips and felt because I have been meaning to do hair clips. Your designs are beautiful. I would really like to testany of them but my fav is the bat. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you :blush: Yes, I had the same and finally got to it :joy: I’m glad you like them!


omg these are so cute :pleading_face: i’d like to test but i don’t have hair clips or a headband :sob:


i feel like these could be used as spooky little surf boards for amigurumis

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Hi, I applied and I’m up for testing any one of them! I love the cauldron tho, they’re all so cute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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