Tester call for Crochet: Stingray Pattern

Hello everyone! I am looking for testers for my Stingray, my first pattern test on Ribblr! This stingray takes about 1 hour to crochet.

  • I am looking for 4-5 testers
  • I will choose testers by January 4th (earlier if there is a lot of interest)
  • due date is January 12th
  • a journal is required
  • no specific yarn or color requirements, you decide!
  • I would like testers to add eyes to the stingray, but you may do this however you like, washer eyes are not required.

Click pattern photo to apply:


Hi! I’m interested in testing your pattern but I’m not really sure how it works on Ribblr. I’ve pattern tested before, but on instagram


This is also my first time calling for testers on Ribblr so I’m happy to figure it out with you if you’re interested! If you click on the stingray photo Ribblr will ask if you want to apply, and then once I assign testers Ribblr will send you a notification.


Hi :wave: I’d love to test this pattern! It looks amazing! If you want to see some of my makes my crochet instagram account is sew_cute_bylydia
Thanks :heart:


I would love to test this pattern out


Omg me please!! I’d LOVE to test this for you!! I was literally saying yesterday that I needed a crochet stingray pattern because I got to go to an aquarium :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thats so crazy bc yesterday i was thinking " a crochet stingray would be so cool"


Omg this is so cute, I applied as a tester :heart:

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hopefully I am not too late for throwing my hat in the ring to test!

That’s cute! I’d love to test it for you. Just to let you know, I’d use a thin chenille yarn!

A STING RAY my favourite animal, how adorable is it. Awww applied instantly, ansolutely be happy to test if you still need someone.

Thank you to everyone who applied, I’m blown away by all of the interest! This testing call is now closed and the testers are hard at work. I’ll be putting out more testing calls later this month so if you didn’t get chosen this time I’ll prioritize you if you apply to test a future pattern!


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