Tester call for Crochet: Strawberry Drawstring Coin Pouch

I need testers for my Strawberry Drawstring Coin Pouch - Crochet ePattern

Testers will be chosen on January 7th and testing will begin January 8th. Deadline to finish is January 22nd. Weight 4 yarn and a 5mm crochet hook is used for this pattern. Requirements to test is to complete testing by deadline and give proper feedback along with photos. Pattern is beginner/intermediate.

Click pattern photo to apply:


Oh my gosh this is adorable. Would love to test for you. Have you decided on any requirements?

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The main requirement is getting the pattern testing finished by the deadline (january 22nd) with feedback! the testing will begin on january 8th

photos of your finished product is also required


I think I would be a bit worried if pictures of the finished product weren’t required. I really enjoy testing for other creators on Ribblr. When I do my testing I take meticulous notes as I go, I also take photographs after every round, when it applies I also take photos of each individual part, and once I have the completed project I take several pictures at various angles. If I am chosen to be a tester I would be using a #4 weight yarn with a 4mm hook (unless you want really tight stitches in which case I would use a 3.5mm hook).

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Thank you for the information! It is suggested in the pattern to use a 5mm hook so using a 4mm one might change the sizing and make it a tad bit smaller

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If that’s what the pattern suggests that’s what I would use. The last few patterns I have tested didn’t give any specifications for what hook size or yarn weight to use. So I used the hook size I normally would for the yarn weight I was using. But when the patterns give me specifics when I’m testing, I follow what the pattern states.

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I want to! But I don’t think I’d make the deadline. I’m currently doing a large project test due the 20th.

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