Tester call for Crochet: Toddler Hat w/Flower

I need testers for my Toddler Hat w/Flower

I am needing 5-6 testers committed to starting and finishing this test. Testers will be selected by this evening or tomorrow morning.


*** If you are currently testing for me please finish up that current test prior to applying.

Communication with me through the duration of the test is required, that means when you have finished testing the piece and have your journal and a finished picture of the item you are released from communication. If I do not hear from you at all in the first 3 days you will be removed from the test.

Journal/photos are needed so that I know what is going on and to see your final product. Please take pictures in full light so I can actually see it. No need to make a staged photo shoot but clear well lit photos would be greatly appreciated. If it’s wearable feel free to have someone model it because that helps to see it on different body shapes.

Deadlines are set so that I can get my patterns finished and ready to publish. I am a small business owner not a hobbyist so lateness will not be accepted.

DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 1, 2023 :heart_eyes:

Pattern gift/karma you will be awarded the finished pattern and karma if you finish before or on the due date. This is like a paycheck, you do the work you get the reward. No half way will be awarded, its all or nothing.

Supplies are listed below that you will need to complete the item however, you may use whatever color(s) yarn you wish. Hook size and yarn weight are a must especially for wearables.

H/8 5 MM HOOK :heart_eyes:

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hi! I was wondering if this pattern would be free, I would love to do but I’m very busy. this is almost the exact same hat i had as a kid and want to make it for one of my younger cousins.

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How much yarn is needed, and is there a gauge listed that we can match if using a lighter weight yarn?


I might want to test if the seam doesn’t come out wonky. I’ve shied away from hats the last few years as the slanted seam blew my temper into a raging forest fire.

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Probably not free but very reasonably priced.


Yes I have a guage listed. Unfortunately I do require worsted weight yarn. This is covered in my tester call info.


I still have lots of spots open :smiley_cat:

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Do you know approximately how much yarn is used in the worsted weight, as I have some, I just don’t know if it’s enough. Otherwise I can double strand the DK weight yarn I have, which generally matches gauge for worsted.


It’s rather light. It’s only about 3oz.

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Thank you! I have enough to cover that


Incan do one.

I still have a few openings left.

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I have more openings for testers. Remembering to read and follow the tester call instructions. Two where removed for no communication in first 3 days.

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