Tester call for Crochet: Twisty Baby Turtle

I need testers for my Twisty Baby Turtle - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

I’m looking for a few testers for this no-sew turtle! Depending on how many people reply, I might choose them between 30th September and 3rd October.

This is an intermediate pattern, and I don’t recommend it for beginners since we’ll be working in an unusual way compared to how you normally crochet in the round.
This will be a paid pattern when it releases.

What I expect from you as a tester:

:turtle: Post a photo of the finished make in a journal
:turtle: Point out flaws in the pattern and keep an open line of communication in the tester chat
:turtle: Be able to finish the pattern before the deadline/due date; 15th October
:turtle: That you know when you apply that you will have time to finish it!
:turtle: That you use stitch markers (of any kind)

Not finishing the pattern/not communicating can mean that you won’t be chosen to do more tests!

You can use whatever colors, yarn and hook size you like, but for this pattern you want to use a hook that is 1-2 hook sizes smaller than is recommended on the yarn label!
I used aran weight yarn and a 3 mm hook for mine.
Making the “frill” is optional :blush:

There’s also a tester call up for “Twisty Turtle”! You can, of course, apply to both if you know you’ll have the time to finish them!

Please let me know if you have any questions! :blush:


Hiii !! These are awesome turts! :turtle::two_hearts:

I wanted to apply to the twisty turtle one, but these baby ones would be faster to make I would think - these ones I can 100% finish by Oct 15.

Everything on your post is understood! Would love to and hope I can pattern test this one :crossed_fingers::pray:


these are so prettyyy!!


Hi :smiling_face: Thank you for taking time into account!
Thanks for confirming that you understood the guidelines as well :smiling_face:

I didn’t time myself making these, but I believe the larger turtle would take me about 1 hour or so longer than the baby turtle–the shell part just looks like it would take much more time than it does when you catch onto the technique (if anyone wondered about it) :slight_smile:


These are so adorable and I’d love to test them out for you!


Ooo thank you for the explanation.

I am not the fastest crocheter though :sweat_smile: so the 1 hour might be more if it was me.

But yeah, I would take any time I can save to spend in taking care of my little one who’s 2 weeks old atm :smiling_face::baby::woman_feeding_baby:

And although we’ll have about 2 weeks, just wanted to make sure I can finish, so going with the smaller one made more sense for me haha :stuck_out_tongue:


I truly hope I didn’t make you feel pressured in any way! I tend to over-explain things and I thought others might have that as a question, so that’s why I wrote it out the way I did :smiling_face:
Aww, congratulations on your newborn :heart:

You’re of course free to test whichever one you like/think you have time for–I appreciate everyone applying and testing so much!


i would love to test


I would love to test both.


I wish I could test, but I know I won’t have the time to. Gonna get the pattern for sure though, once it is out!


Absolutely adorable turtles! I would LOVEEEE to test for you, seeing as I have been wanting to find an amazing turtle pattern that is no-sew for quite some time now, I think I have finally laid my eyes on one! Good luck to all of the testers <3 :3


These are adorable :heart_eyes: I’d love to test for you and feel i could definitely have it done before the deadline. I would make it in blanket yarn if chosen.


Hey everyone! Since the response has been overwhelming, I’m going to choose testers today! I originally thought I’d pick 5 testers, but with all of the amazing applicants I’ve decided to double that number–it’s still a really tough choice, so don’t feel bad you don’t get picked this time around :smiling_face:

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