Tester call for First Aid Knit Neckwarmer 🔥

I need testers for my First Aid Knit Neckwarmer - pattern-Knitting ePattern

I’m so excited to finally put this into the world!!

  • The deadline to complete this pattern is 12th March 2023, I am flexible if things happen (that’s life), but ideally the deadline will be met.
  • The materials needed are: approx. 70g (80g) 90g (100g), 110g (120g) 130g (140g) 150g of Aran yarn, 4.5mm and 3.5 mm needles, 80cm and 20cm cable, 1 x marker and tapestry needle.
  • You agree to not sell, copy or share this pattern at any time.
  • Minimum age to apply is +16.

Sizes are Child 1 (1-4), Child 2 (6-8), Child 3 (10-12), Tween (14-16), Adult 0 (xs), Adult 1 (s/m), Adult 2 (l/xl), Adult 3 (2xl,3xl), Adult 4 (4xl/5xl).

As a thank you for finishing the test knit, you can pick any one of my current patterns and I will send it via email (must have finished the test, completed the feedback form and sent one picture). Alternatively, if you don’t want any of my current released patterns you can have an ‘I owe you one’ that you can keep in for a pattern that I release in the future.

This is a safe space and will always remain that way, everyone is welcome and appreciated!

If you can’t apply I’d truly appreciate it if you’d share it with people you think would like to test knit it :orange_heart:


I’m not super experienced with knitting but I could give it a go if you’d like?


Sure thing, thank you!

Could you please complete this application form Pattern Test Application First Aid Knit Neckwarmer



I’m intrigued by the name! Is there a story behind it?


Indeed there is!

I was thinking of basic things people usually know to name this collection I’m actually working on and that’s when First Aid Kit came to my head, something the majority of population knows about, and then I wanted to add the n in knit to make relevant to knitting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for asking!


Well, that’s very cool. Thanks for sharing!