Tester call for Knitting pattern: beginer friendly knit lovers top

I need testers for my beginer friendly knit lovers top - Knitting ePattern

you may have seen my post a while ago about the same top but I improved it and I think this thumbnail might be more interesting

so again if anyone could test my first ever knit pattern, tell me my mistakes, what I could improve that would be appreciated!

✩the test piece has to be in a different color than the original;

✩the beading is not necessary, but creativity is encouraged

✩I will need some photos of you styling the top.

I definitely want atleast one test done by the 29th of this month, but its no big deal, you can also finish it later.

thank you!!


i’d love to test for you! i’m a beginner at knitting so it might take me a little bit but i’d love to give it a shot :))