Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Boo Boo Beanie/Bucket Hat

I need testers for my Boo Boo Beanie/Bucket Hat - pattern-Crochet ePattern

Please leave a comment if you want to test this pattern! I will assign testers on Ribblr as soon as I review the applicant’s profile. I will be picking ten testers and the finished pictures are going to be featured on my instagram highlights.


  1. Write journal notes in ribblr with at least one image of the work in progress or finished work.

  2. Post a picture of the finished hat on instagram and tag @eunchongy #booboohat

  3. Deadline is preferably May 31, 2023 But I am flexible with it! If you have any difficulty with the pattern please let me know and I will do my best to address the issues!

Thank you in advance to everyone who will be participating!

You will see your name below when I add you to testers:
@yaksokyolk @Fenella


OMG I AUDIBLY GASPED this is so cool!!! do you have an idea of the deadline yet? bc i’d love to hopefully test!


So cute! Is there any yarn requirements? :-]

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Thank you for your interest! I don’t have a set deadline yet but I’m hoping to get it published by May or June sometime!

Hey there, no there are no yarn requirements as of today.

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ohh i’d love to test 4 u!!

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hi hi i just wanted 2 ask, are u still working on ur instructions? bc when i go to the testing pattern for it there’s nothing in the instruction area :o no rush tho! was just curious

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Omg I didn’t know what “block view from here” was! I unchecked those so you should be able to see the instructions now. That was my bad sorry!


Thanks for the message :sob:


no worries!!! :sparkling_heart: i was just checking!


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