Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Elephant Plant Holder

I need testers for my Elephant Plant Holder - pattern-Crochet ePattern

would love 3 to 4 testers for my Crochet Pattern.
Start Date/ date added to the test 5/5/23 PST
Due date 5/20/23 PST

supplies needed
acrylic worsted weight yarn
5.00mm hook and 4.00mm hook (H & G)
tapestry needle (large sewing needle)
cup (about 8cm wide and 6cm tall)
pipe cleaner
safety eyes (or a way to create eyes)

Must create your first journal entry with in 4 days of being added to the test (journals have to be public for me to see them), no journal entry you will be removed from test.

thank you for your interest in my elephant plant holder.


Interested in testing. However i do not know how to open the journal after the pop up when you first start a pattern. Help with that would be appreciated


I believe i worked it out. Least i figured out how to post for something i already made :smile:


Once the pattern is ready to go I will add you testers. the journal can be edited anytime you push the book looking icon, when you hover your curser over it should say some like my journal or my personal journal, and the is a tab you can make photos and comments public or private, must be public for me to see them. thank you for your interest. I should have the Pattern up with in a day/ day in half; so keep a look out for it to pop up under your “testing” tab


Sounds awesome.


I’d love to test it

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@KosmicKity and @Yarny, both of you have been added to testers. please respond to the testing message that has been sent

i would love to test!

@janelovie great! I’ll add you to testers. Please start a public journal with photos when you get a chance :grin:

I would like to test your pattern.

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@Gmyres awesome. I’ll add you to testers. Please start a journal when you get a chance to do so.

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I would LOVE to do this!! Elephants are my favorite, also my Daddy’s (rip), he worked with them when he was young working for a circus…so anything elephant I’d be honored to do!!


I will add you to testers @AmbiLynne , looking forward to seeing your make, please start a public journal when you get a chance :elephant:

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