Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Flower bag charm

I need testers for my Flower bag charm - pattern-Crochet ePattern

This works up super quick and is so fun to make in so many colours!
I need about 3-4 testers but mught take a couple extra
Testers will get the pattern free when its posted
Posting a journal is required
Your free to post it on your Instagram or other social media once you give me credit but its not required!
Ill be looking for testers again for other designs of these and will be going to people who test this one to give them the option of continuing to test before posting a tester call



I’d love to test it is there a deadline??


Id love for it to be done as soon as possible but i dont have a strict deadline in mind so if youd like to test and can get it done within the next week or so thats great

I have school coming up tomorrow but i know for sure ill be able to get it done before April, 18

Thats perfect! Ill add you now

ok thank you!!
also can i use other colors or do i have to use yours?

You can use whichever colours youd like, id love to see it in different colours !

ok thank you!! ill get started right away

I’d like to test! That’s a adorable idea!

Thank you!! Ill add you now

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I’d love to test in velvet yarns if possible!!

Thats fine with me! Once you know it will probably be bigger than mine depending on how thick your yarn is

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This looks so cute, its a great idea!
Id love to test! :laughing:

I would love to test this.

Ill add you now !

Thanks ill add you now!

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If there are anymore spots i would love to test!

Adding you as the final tester now! Welcome to ribblr!

Finished! Updated journal! Thanks for letting me test! Love it! :sparkles:🫶🏼:blush:

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Thank you for testing! Yours turned out so cute would you like me to let you know before i post the next tester call?