Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Mood Cube

I need testers for my Mood Cube - pattern-Crochet ePattern

The Mood Cube is now ready for testing, I am sewing it up today ready to take cover photos but all the crochet and pattern writing is done.

I am looking for a couple of testers/tech editors to just go over the pattern to make sure it is easy to follow, checking the row numbers and stitch counts are all in order and that the format in Ribblr is correct. I accept all constructive feedback.

Being on the autistic spectrum I do sometimes struggle with facial expressions relating to moods, so if you think a better emoticon style face for any of the sides would work better, then please also make that suggestion.

This should be a beginner/improver friendly project so am happy to have testers new to crochet who want to challenge their skills, as well as experienced testers.

I am looking to publish this pattern as soon as possible, so only apply if you know you can fit it in in the next two weeks…

When you have been accepted to test and added to the pattern for testing, please start a journal to document your progress and add any or all feedback tp your journal entry.

I am based in England and therefore run on GMT/BST time zone, so please bear that in mind when commenting/messaging.

Thank you in advance, Faye


So cute I can tester out


Thank you. I will add you now.

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This looks great! I can test if you’d like


Thank you. I’ll add you to the pattern now.

A few photos of the finished cube. Not the official ones but I thought you would like to see it.


If you need another tester, I’ll gladly test

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Thank you. I appreciate it. I’ll add you now.

I love this idea! I can imagine endless applications! :blush: I have suspicions both my son and I are also on the spectrum, nd I could totally see this as a super useful tool! Did you have a specific deadline in mind? Because I’d love to test, but I’d want to make sure I can realistically have it done in your desired time frame :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would like to publish it before the end of this month, hence why I suggested a 14 day time frame in the main post. It’s quite a quick make. It’s only taken 2 weeks from idea to completion in between running the yarn shop and teaching crochet 5 days a week lol
I would gladly have you as tester. As you say it would have endless applications. I think it would be good for toddlers too.

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Well all that considered, I’d love to test! My main worry was how easy it would be to make progress, I don’t work outside the home, but my toddler tends to keep me pretty busy, but if you were able to make it work in that time frame, I’m sure I can do the same :blush:

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I remember toddler years well, my girls are now adults. I would have loved a tool like this cube, as they are both like me :grin:
I’ll add you to the pattern now

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