Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: the kati cat beanie, 2-styles

I need testers for the kati cat beanie, 2-styles
the deadline will be 2 weeks after receiving the pattern so make sure you can finish it in 14 days.
i need pattern testers for both styles!!!

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i’d like to test ^^


Can I test it? They are both very cute but I would like to make the moon one

I’d like to test, preferable the moon one but it doesn’t really matter :blush:

Id love to test this it looks so adorable

Both hats look super cool good luck with testing!

i wanna clarify: the two versions are with and without earflaps/ribbing! not the applique! those can be cuatomized and just sewn on at the end.

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Oooo neat

I’d love to test if its still possible! It looks really cute

Adorable! I’d be happy to test for you, if you still need testers!

i have enough testers for now thank you so much for applying :slight_smile:

I can test for you

Can I test? They’re so cute I’d love to test either :>

I would love to test this for you

thank you all for applying! i have all my testers so this is closed!

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