Tester call

Hi. I have a pattern due to release here on August 1st. It is in the final stages of being pattern tested. I am now currently working on a baby version and am wondering if anyone would be interested in pattern testing?

It is for a playmate but will double as a blanket for when they get older. Its 70cm wide and will be approximately 100-110 cm tall. The pattern should be ready to send to testers in the next week. It is similar to this, the original #blastoffblanket except the porthole will be closed and will feature an appliqué astronaut to go in the window.

Thanks in advance for your help


Oh and if you love this version with the porthole and larger size, it will be released on August 1st

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Update: I am just sewing in the ends and making the astronaut so hopefully it will be ready to test sooner than expected.

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Here it is. Pattern should be ready to send to testers tonight or tomorrow


Still looking for two more testers for this little guy.


I’m going to make this!!!