TESTERS NEEDED for Ysabell Slit-Sleeves Dress by Yommycrochetlogy.Hey lovelies looking for CROCHETER testers for this dress I called “Ysabell Slit-Sleeves Dress”

:black_heart:I Need Atleast 2 of each sizes xs-xl
:black_heart:Able to read and follow crochet written patterns
:black_heart:can submit to me 2-3 good when-worn photos of the dress and let’s me use to promote the pattern and look book for the pattern at the end of the test
:black_heart:can finish the dress test within the testing time frame (5th of Nov- 25th of Nov) 20 days testing period,but willing to extend more days if needed :sweat_smile:
:black_heart:willing to use the same weight yarn as the pattern(lightweight and fine)
:black_heart:willing to submit a good,detailed notes about the pattern e.g correction,rewording and suggestions
:black_heart:will update me of their progress
:black_heart:if you want to apply please comment below your crochet level skills and have you been a crochet tester before?

:wilted_flower:I will contact the successful tester thank you


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