Tester or Sample Knitter Application / Request!

Hiii. I am an intermediate-advanced level kntter, fond of knitting scarves, cowls, shawls, wraps hats and baby accessories. I am currently looking for a job as a knitting tester or sample knitter. I need someone who can pay me 200 to 300 $ per month for testing or knitting samples of their patterns. I can knit 1-2 projects per week, even 3, depending on the size, techniques. I am really determined and committed to my work and I can collaborate with the designers. I am located in Pakistan. I can provide pictures of my completed or on-going patterns. I will provide any additional information required! If you need a tester or sample knitter, kindly DM me. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated!


Can anyone help? tysm

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Probably not the best place to ask since people regularly apply to test for free on Ribblr, and are compensated with a copy of the pattern for completed work. You can find some designers on the internet that will offer to pay for test knitting, from a brief search I found two sites:

It might be worth while looking into tech editing as well.

Designers will post a tester call and accept applications for testers. Testers who successfully complete the test typically earn the tested pattern for their work. Testers aren’t paid in money.

You earn money from having a store and selling your patterns; from selling your makes; or from someone else selling a make that used your pattern.

You can learn more at the Ribblr help center