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Hi, you may not know me but if any of you have any easy crochet patterns you need testers for I’d be glad to do it. It would be nice to do harder patterns but school is taking up lots of my time and my mom is getting sugary soon so I most likely will not be able to do harder ones. So if you have any patterns pls contact me. Thx!
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I tagged your post to the testing zone so hopefully the designers will see it.

You also have to look for open tests and apply for the patterns you are willing to test


Okay! Thank you very much!
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and to apply you just click on the pattern photo in the tester call :blush:


hoi, the best way to get tests is to look at the tester channel and find what you like. Most pattern makers dont really look for testers through posts. Plus it gives you more control since you only apply to what you like

so you scroll at posts and look for something that doesnt say (closed). Once you find something you like, you click on the post and read the requirements. make sure you have the materials that the maker wants from you.

If you never tested before, I recommend you apply to a call that says (no karma needed/ 0 karma requirements) because you are more likely to be picked. Karma is the amount of finished tests you’ve done before.

Also, since you are busy with school work, I recommend you pick a tester call with a big due date so that you dont feel rushed. So if its only a few days, don’t click it unless its during the weekend when you dont have school.

To apply you click on the photo and then confirm. To have a better chance of being picked you should comment in the post to show you’re active. You can compliment the pattern and explain what kind of yarn you’re using, stuff like that.


Huya, if you want a pattern to test I have an easy free one you can do! Unique patterns | Ribblr Free Patterns | Ribblr
This is the first time i post the call so if you want to test, go ahead! The deadline is the 21st of october, and you can use any yarn colours and sizes!


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