Testers Needed for Yuki the Sparkling Sea Dragon

I am in need of a few testers to try out my new sparkling sea dragon pattern. I believe this pattern is an intermediate pattern. It requires a mixture of yarn types but can be easily adapted to fit your needs. I tested it in bulky yarn as well as worsted weight. The base dragon calls for worsted weight in 1-3 colors, depending upon what you desire or have. The eyes call for fine cotton yarn in black, white and pink. I did the hat in just Chenille for some added softness and texture. It also requires aluminum wire to make it bendy and posable but you don’t have to use that if you don’t have it.

I would need testers who could complete the pattern test within 1-2 weeks. I would love it if you could journal your progress, take pictures of your final dolls and tag me on Instagram or TikTok if you post them. Finally, I would love feedback, especially on what crochet level you think this pattern best fits in.


Good luck with your test