Testing archive?

It may be helpful to add the option to archive testing patterns the same way one can archive library patterns. This would allow frequent testers to clear their testing tab of patterns they’ve already finished, or projects that have gone AWOL.


you can abort the pattern or the owner can gift and remove it if that’s what you mean


I think this suggestion is meant to work around designers that have ghosted testers and hide patterns they’ve finished but which haven’t been delivered yet. I’ve got several in mind where I can’t get ahold of the designer or the project was due weeks ago but still remains in my tester page.

For organization’s sake, I personally appreciate this idea endlessly.


As an editor, not just a tester, I have a lot of patterns in my testing tab. Add another quick test into the batch and they get quickly lost. This is a great idea that would help immensely. Please? :pleading_face: :hugs: