Testing Call - CLOSED, unless I've already contacted you.

Fancy Nancy Square is ready for testing. :partying_face:

Phase I: Starts - September 20th / Deadline - September 29th

Phase II: Starts - September 30th / Deadline - October 8th

Phase III: Starts -October 9th / Deadline - October 18th

Phase IV: Starts - October 19th / Deadline - October 28th

Final Phase: Starts - October 29th / Deadline November 8th

Skill level: I have rated the skill level as intermediate, but when finished testing square, advise your opinion of the skill level.

Video: I have included a video for round 3. Recommend any other rnd(s) where a video would help identify stitch placement or to clarify written instruction.

Sizes available to test/finished size: 4.5 mm, 11”; 5.00 mm, 12”

Materials: Worsted weight yarn, hooks as listed above, needle required to weave in ends

Expectations: Complete the test if you sign up; post hook used and finished size of your square when finished; attach a picture of finished/blocked square and state if you approve your photo being used in a public forum.

Do not discuss or post pictures in any public or private forum, until the pattern is published.

Once the square is published, you will receive a pdf copy of the pattern by email or gifted through Ribblr. :grinning:


Nice looking square! I’m happy to test it for you.

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Thank you for answering the testing call! Just a few questions:

  • How many years of crochet experience do you have?
  • Highest crochet skill level completed?
  • Have you ever tested for another designer? If so, how long ago?
  • Have you ever completed one of my designs?

Thank you in advance for your response. Pam

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Hi, i would like to be a tester for your pattern if you want. :smiley:

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I’d love to test this pattern for you!
It would also be great if I could be part of the first phase

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This looks so fancy :heart_eyes:


I have over 20 yrs experience. No I have never tested for anyone before. I am an advanced intermediate, always looking to learn new stitches and techniques. No I have not done any of your patterns before.

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This testing takes place on Facebook. The only opening left for this square is the phase starting October 29th and a deadline of November 8th. If those testing dates don’t work, I’ll have a final test around November 21st, specifically for Ribblr. that compares the pattern online on Ribblr to the pdf pattern.

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OK, sounds good. That later timeline works better for me. Love u’re square! Keen to try it. :pray:


Do you mean the Ribblr testing in November?

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I can do either that one or the one at the end of October. Whichever you need.

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I would love for you to do the last phase, where any videos linked in the pattern are checked against the written pattern for any errors. This test runs on Facebook, are you on Facebook?


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Just sent a membership request. Happy to help :slight_smile: I am a patient advocate here in Canada, and I use facebook for that… so I don’t use it often for personal stuff. Try to keep my personal life private, but my crafting keeps me sane… so in this case, I think its worth making an exception! I’m impressed with your work!

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Here’s the link to my AYOS Testing group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/408477926459616 Request to join and I’ll approve the request. :blush:

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