Testing % Completed

I think it might be nice to be able to see how much a tester has completed of your pattern. I know they can journal and tell you, but not everyone’s going to do that. I was thinking that the percent of the pattern they have checked off (just like on journals) could be added beside their username and the remove/gift buttons in those little testing menus.

As far as I’m aware, this doesn’t exist yet, but if something else similar does I’d appreciate someone letting me know :sweat_smile:

Thanks for reading this! Would anyone else like to see this in the future?


That’s pretty interesting, of course you can make it a requirement to share progress shots when they can so the % completed is viewable in a timely matter as well

I always try to finish as soon as I can so I wonder how testers who plan to do it towards the end of the due date will feel about such a system

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That’s a smart idea! I think I might start doing that

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Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve logged your feedback.
We currently do not see an urgent need for this, however we appreciate that it’s important to perhaps have an overview of progress and so we’ll consider this.