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Hi again @Ribblr,
I’m asking again for improvements to testing management. In the list of testers, please add a direct link to their journal for that project. It’s so hard to click back and forth. You can see from my pic that I resorted to keeping track in my crochet journal. Yes, I know I could put this in a spreadsheet but I need something fast and convenient.
Also, when I gift a pattern to someone (outside of testing), I can’t see any record of that. I’d love to know how many gifts I’ve sent and to who.
Thanks for considering my suggestions,



I can confirm our product team is now working on testing improvements which will be released in the next few months.

As our testing tools our relatively new and are pioneering the way for testing in the crafting community as a whole, we truly value your feedback so we can evaluate how to make it even better.

Easy journal links have already been logged however we’ll make sure to note your additional suggestions.


I like the idea of seeing who I gifted too! Makes it easier to remember who I gifted and what :smile:


Fantastic, thank you for continuing to improve Ribblr!


Agreed, especially since I gave away a prize of all the patterns I release in 2024. I hope the recipient will let me know if I miss gifting any!

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Hi! I’ve found that you can actually see a record of patterns that have been gifted, they are amongst the free downloads in the shop manager. It is mixed up with all the orders for free patterns, though.


Wow, great sleuthing! :female_detective: That’s so good to know, I checked and was able to verify a gift was sent today. When people test my free patterns I always give them a paid pattern as a thank you gift, and it will be good too check that it was sent. Thanks again for your help!


You’re welcome! Glad it was what you were looking for :grin:

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