testing problems?

ok so recently I’ve had so many problems with testers not being active. usually they just don’t respond until the last day or abort the test as soon as they get in. i really, really try to be reasonable with due dates, but sometimes i really need the pattern released on a certain day.

i’ve actually had much better luck with instagram, because usually they finish on the first day, and they are much more communicative.

i’m sorry to say that i will no longer be holding tester calls on ribblr, due to the bad luck with testing so far. if you have instagram and would like to still test, my instagram is @ yarnivore.crochets

thank you so much for reading and i’m sorry for any inconveniences. patterns will still be released on ribblr though.



I do understand, but it might be good to have at least one test here because of the setup. Could catch any issues related to the ribblr format.


i’m planned on getting one tester from my instagram to test the ribblr format of the pattern.


Thats unfortunate that you’ve been getting bad luck.

Make sure to write down the names of the people you werent happy with, just in case you change your mind in the future, so you dont pick them again.

Good luck with your instagram calls <3


I totally get it. Last week I did a very similar post. I now have very strict instructions prior to people even being considered they have to read it. If I don’t hear from people in three days, they are removed from the testing and they do not receive a pattern nor karma. And then I also post that tester call information at the top Of the tester group chat. So there is no question about what is expected of my testers.


NOOOOOO :((( i can still apply on ig and get the pattern here tho, right?

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yup ofc

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Maybe theres some kind of update ribblr can do? Maybe like negative karma or something, so if the tester doesnt adhere to deadlines or the pattern maker doesnt give the pattern on time, negative karma can automatically be given? Idk there would probably be a lot of issues with this, but its a starting point because I’ve seen a lot of these posts and experienced it first hand, and it gets quite annoying.


I’m so sorry you have had some issues I hope the rest of your tests on insta are successful :sparkling_heart::smile:

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I agree… but maybe a feedback rating for testers:

Followed instructions : ___
Finished on time: ____
Completed test: ___
Would recomend/use for future tests: ___

This would also be helpful to choose testers by reviewing their feedback before selecting!

Karma is great as a an award/badge of honor but doesn’t give the deeper information that would be helpful in choosing testers for certain things


yes i know what karma is but then ig sometimes i feel bad for those who are new to ribblr and haven’t tested anything before. because when i started on ribblr, it’s hard to build up lots of karma.

my bad testers come from people with low and high karma tho so idrk what to say.

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Ive had this problem too, but I can understand if they have been busy with school like I have. But sometimes its just people not comunicating or making a journal then getting mad after its due because they didnt get their karma. I dont know if its been an issue for everyone or just seem people. Either way it sucks ://


wait u can be very strict tho…


Thats what I have started to do, started to test out some new methods.

Like 3 days to respond in the groupchat and requiring 2 journals (a starting journal of materials within x amount of days and another of the finished project).

I will try check in before I completely remove them from testing, but it seems to help me get rid of the flightly/unresponsive testers pretty quickly. I just am kinda tired of the unresponsiveness and just gonning to be strict about it.

I always pick like 2 extra testers because I have learned just because I pick 8 testers, it doesn’t mean I will get 8 completed tests. I usually lose 2-3 testers.


Sorry you have had bad experience with testers. We continue to work and improve our safe testing tools. Even now you can assign and remove testers as well as show them only parts of the pattern, which are things you can do only on Ribblr thanks to Ribbuild.

Feel free to share your Suggestions :raised_hands: here so we can implement it. Have a great weekend!