Testing Progress, Journals, and Feedback Section

I think that there should be a way to see how far along your testers are on your pattern. Like a little progress bar, like it has on journals. It would be so helpful to me and I think others too! Sometimes it’s good to know how my testers are doing on a test and who has or has not started yet. I think it would also be a good idea to add where you could see who had posted a journal without having to ask, look at the pattern, or rely on the tester to tell you. Lastly I think it would be great if there could be a spot designated when someone is testing a pattern to put notes or feedback besides on a public journal for everyone to see. Like when someone is testing your pattern it gives them a little box they can add to as they are going and you can also see the user and their notes in your pattern so you can edit and see at the same time the feedback. I also hate when sometimes people don’t communicate well in the group chats and it can get cluttered and hard to see all the notes people have a once! Let me know what you think! :))


Yeah that would help a lot for testing


I think you make a lot of good points, and I agree with getting a notification or such if someone has created a journal linked to your pattern (in the testing period), and I agree that it would be a great addition to the testing experience for both the tester and the designer if you could comment beside the instruction lines what they think should be corrected, or if they have questions, etc. If that also got a comparison view or all notes from all testers showing together, that would be the icing on the cake!
What I’m not so sure about is the first point, with designers being able to view the progress of the testers. I think that would put a lot of pressure on testers, especially since most if not all designers have deadlines already. In theory it’s a good idea, but I’m afraid it could turn into something that’s unintentionally harrassing. I want to believe in the best in people, but sometimes something can come across wrong or something that seems normal for one person is very stressful for the next.

Those are my two cents, anyways :blush: TLDR; The first point can be a little unpredictable, the other two are really great points!


Yeah I agree with what you said about the first one! I do also get stressed about deadlines already and you make a good point about the progress bar idea. But the other two would be so awesome if added!


good ideas ! didn’t know that you weren’t notified when a tester posted to their journal about the completed pattern, i think that should be implemented right away tbh​:sweat_smile:


Honestly, I thought the pattern creator had a view showing a progress bar or % of my progress based on my public journal entries…so yes, 100% this


It does sometimes notify you but most of the time it doesn’t work and it gets glitchy!


@BlueSheep yes, I thought the same.


Ah, that makes sense. Good to know so I can update people on my testing progress from now on :grin:


Yes! Especially the progress ones!


These are all fantastic suggestions! I hope @Ribblr takes note! I would even be willing to pay a small fee for these kind of premium features.
Before I finish my final pattern draft and publish it I have to write down a list of everyone I approved to test, look at the makes, and check that I gifted the pattern to each person. Annoying and time consuming. I want to focus on design!
I find it very frustrating that when I go into my shop, all the patterns are in one long list. I’d love sections for testing, drafts, etc. that are clearly seperate from published patterns. Same for going in to manage testing, it takes you into ANOTHER list of your patterns where they are all together, and you have to pick again which pattern you want to manage testing for.
Ribblr is still the best app I’ve found for writing up patterns and managing testing, even though there is room for improvement.


very much agree. i think ribblr needs a few more improvements. i’m still learning how to navigate the app but i know it’s a bit inconvenient.

not sure how to get ribblr to notice these issues but i hope they do! i was planning on releasing a pattern but after hearing your grievances(not sure that’s the right word) maybe i will hold off for a bit.


Thanks for sharing!
You should be notified of new journals, and you should be able to see them all on your draft pattern listing page, even during the testing period. Let us know if you cannot and we’ll look into it!

Furthermore, you can see the progress of each tester based on their journal (shown in percentage).

Generally, we believe it’s important for testers to communicate in a group to avoid repeating the same errors or suggestion. However, we’re actively thinking about feedback notes so thank you for your input!


And we want you to focus on design too! While you find it easier if makes were linked next to each tester?

This already exists! Click the buttons underneath the ‘all patterns’ section in your shop.

How would you otherwise want to see this?


@Ribblr thank you so much to listening to our feedback and replying! I truly appreciate this service and as you can see have been regularly adding patterns and trying to do my part to help Ribblr be an excellent resource and community. :blush: I would be adding patterns even faster if the testing management features were improved, I find it too cumbersome to manage more than one test at a time.

The buttons underneath the 'all patterns ’ section are filters I can apply, but I meant it would be much more helpful if the shop owner’s view of the store was already organized into sections to make it easier to see what I need to do. I don’t want to constantly have to scroll past so much stuff (my selfie link, featured patterns, freebies, etc. )just to apply that filter. At a minimum moving those filter buttons to the top would be more convenient.

Current workflow example: to see if a test was completed, I scroll down, apply the testing filter, open the pattern to look at the makes to check that an original pic was added, click on each make to check user ID, write down the user ID, give a thumbs up to indicate to myself that I reviewed it. Then I have to go back to my shop page (sometimes I have to reapply the filter), click 'manage testing/assign testers/open the tester list, click gift & remove for each tester. Then I have to go to chat or the user profile to send a personal thank you to the tester (which I try to always do but miss sometimes). Plus often when you navigate away from the store page and then go back, you have to reapply the testing filter. I find myself often opening Ribblr on my phone and laptop so I can view different pages at the same time during this process. Here are sketches of how I would like my shop page layout to look.

Thank you again for being open to user feedback to make Ribblr even better!


And yes @Ribblr, linking makes to each tester in the current view would make this immensely easier!


@Ribblr Since we’re on the subject of shop improvements, I would love more sale options that encourage purchase of multiple patterns, such as buy 2 get 1 free, build your own bundle, and being able to easily add an exclusive bonus design that’s only available in a bundle.

The fees make selling a single pattern for less than $1.50 hardly worth the time and effort, so any promotions that encourage shoppers to buy two or more in a single transaction would be beneficial. Thanks again!


Thanks for sharing, we’re always eager to improve Ribblr and learn more about each individual’s experience. We take it all into account when reviewing features pre-releases :slight_smile: