Testing the pattern

I think that you have the pattern so you make the bag and give feedback!


Not sure what this is about, but testing a pattern means respecting requirements from the designers such as:

  • making it before a deadline
  • using the same yarn and hook (if specified)
  • taking quality photos
  • never share the pattern, you can sell the finished product tho (if allowed by the designer)
    Etc… (Can’t think of anymore now sorryy!!)

Sorry, this was a message to someone and it got posted but thank you for saying what the testers do!


Ah knew it xD
No worries! I hope i helped at least XD :heart:


You totally helped!


That sounds totally reasonable. Why test a pattern if you are going to add personal touches or make it your own? The reason to test is to make sure it is easy to follow, the directions are correct &/or in order. And the end result is what the designer wants out of their pattern. And following a deadline should not even be questioned. You wouldn’t miss a deadline at your job or test at school. Why would you do it if you are volunteering? The designer trust you to meet the deadline. They don’t know you. They are putting their trust in you. Don’t be rude or say you are going to do something and not do it. If there is a problem with meeting the deadline, just let the designer know in advance. Common courtesy. Simple, reasonable asks. Thank you for putting it out there.

  • So with the personal touches part, I always speak with the designer in advance to ask them if can use other wool or colors or dimensions or add/take sth out. I usually do that because I’m allergic to most wool types but I want to test the pattern. Most designers agree, and whoever doesn’t, if I can test their pattern correctly, I will, if not, I will let them know.
  • I always contact them because of my health issues since it may take longer than the deadline.
  • About the deadline part, yes, of course, you wouldn’t meet a deadline at your job/school so neither should you here, but I’ve seen patterns from designers who didn’t want a deadline.