TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday!)

In a COVID-19 world, one day is the same as the next for a lot of us… What do you do to break up the sameness, and make a weekend actually feel like… a weekend?

I’m retired, and a caregiver for my Mum. All my activities and commitments I had during the week BC (Before Covid) have all been scrapped, lending to the sameness of every day, unless there is a doctor’s appointment to be off to, or Mass on Saturday afternoon. Sometimes, it’s easy to lose track of what day of the week it really is.

Here, the weather is still quite warm (86F), so there hasn’t been a huge cool down as yet.

As for me and my weekend plans… my crochet hooks and knitting looms will plow through massive quantities of yarn to keep making baby hats for the local NICU, a project that will last till about the first of November…

Please share what’s on your needles, hooks and looms… and what your weekends are looking like, wherever you are!


Have a great weekend sounds - like you’ve got good plans!
Over here across the pond, it’s getting a bit colder and it’s officially autumn which is really lovely.
My suggestions to break up the routine is to plan something special for the weekend like video calls with friends/relatives or cooking something new :blush:


Sounds like great ideas! I actually engage in Zoom calls with crafty friends of mine twice a week. We’re all engaged in a charity called Operation Gratitude, and we throw ideas around and brainstorm, all the while making while yakking! It is, hands down, the BEST 4 hours of my week!!


In Oregon, USA, the weather is definitely on the chilly side. I have a fire in the woodstove, some wonderful coffee to drink and I’m getting a test knit going for a new design that I hope to release early December.

Weekends, for me, are usually taken up with chores, grocery shopping and uploading the virtual services for my church. This weekend, I will also be putting on dinner for my parents-in-law.

I am currently working on baby blankets for my grandkids.

Have a wonderful weekend!


I work from home right now and I confess finding that balance is tough right now. I’ve been trying to get out and do things outdoors on the weekends but it’s not always successful!


Sounds like a great weekend to me!


I totally understand that! It’s just my 87 year old Mum and I, so we’re still pretty much in Phase 1 for our household. She’s in that high risk group, and has some conditions that would make her ripe for a worst case scenario if she were to contract it. I’m immunocompromised, so I’m very cautious as well. I’m the one that has, since the beginning of this, run all the errands, preferring to keep her safe at home. We go out for rides, or if I’m going to pick up take out, I bring her along for a ride so she can at least get out of the house, if only for a brief time.


Sounds tough, day in day out the same routine. I think it’s very hard when all social activities are scrapped. Things are crazy and were still inthe middle of it.
Hoping you and your mum will stay safe and healthy. :heart:
To spend the time or weekends you could try some new recipes, start Christmas crafting, learn new crafts, pick up a study, go for a walk or bicycle ride. I wouldn’t know anything else !

I am still working my daytime job in a flowershop, so for me everyting is still kind of normal. Allthough we can’t do any social activities here, Sundays are to relax, do laundry and be together with my husband. Oh, and crochet off course. :slight_smile:
Covid has reached the area where I live now, it worries me I must admit.


Where do you live, Marjan? I’m already planning the Christmas cookies, and planning on sending some to my stitching friends that live in Rhode Island and California. I’m crocheting, loom knitting and Addi knitting like a fool, blasting through some of my stash (but sometimes a good sale gets the better of me, and I just buy all the pretty things… and friends I know have donated yarn to me because they know that 99.9% of what I make goes to charity). The creative juices have been flowing, and I’ve branched out into new patterns, and started doing amigurumi since we’ve all been at home. I’m excited to try your new pattern. It’s adorable! About how long is your wiener dog?


Hi Lori,

I live in The Netherlands, on easter side, very near to the German border.

Do you mean real edible Christmas cookies ? Sounds like fun ! I’m sure your friends will be happy to receive them. :smiley:
I always want to bake things, but can never get myself started some how, hehe !

I see you’re already crafting like a mad man (woman in your case :smiley: ) Is it possible where you are to meet friends in small numbers and make sure keeping enough distance from each other ? (Here in the Netherlands we are allowed to have a maximum of 3 visitors at our homes, unless things will change and we get new rules or maybe even total lock down)
Have you tried other kinds of crafting, like pottery making, painting, sewing, wood crafting/carving ? Just curious. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments on my weiner dog !
If there is a possibility to gift patterns, I’d like to gift it to you ! Since you do so much charity.
( @Lir , is this possible ?)

The finished size of the weiner dog will be approx. 5.5” tall and approx. 9” long, when made using acrylic yarn (8 ply / DK), and hook size E (3.5 mm).
If you wish to make a taller or smaller version of this dog, you can just use thicker or thinner yarn / crochet hook. This pattern is also suitable for wool or cotton yarn.


It is not an option YET, emphasizing the ‘yet’ very strongly ahem ahem… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Ooooh, I hope it will be possible in the near future, hehe ! :smiley:


Hey Marjan… YES… I do mean real, edible Christmas cookies! We have several favorites that have been standbys for decades in our family.

I’m always crafting like a fool. I make rosaries for my church that go to various organizations and such, but right now, I’m getting ready to get back into making diffuser bracelets for use with my essential oils. Might make a few for a couple friends who do the oils as well.

The COVID infection rates are climbing in Florida (again… our state governor has NOT handled the pandemic well at all), so we’re just being super careful, and not pushing our luck. I have some crafting friends that all donate to one of the same organizations I do. We meet up via Zoom twice a week, and it’s fun. I do miss my regular crafting group up at the church tho’. I’ve done all sorts of crafting. When I was overseas, there was a ceramics studio on the base, so I did LOTS of ceramics. I sew, quilt, make jewelry, do cross stitch and needlepoint, and all kinds of things. It’s fun!!

That is so kind of you to offer to gift the wiener dog. You have a real gift for what you do… keep at it. Your creations must make lots of people smile… they sure make ME smile!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend… and stay warm!


It’s so nice to have certain family recipes that can last for generations, like those Christmas cookies ! :smiley:

Oh wow, you really do so much for charity and church. And all those different kind of crafts you have done !

Oh my, in your area Covid infections are going up again… that’s very worrying. Same here, and all over Europe. :frowning:
I think it’s best to be as carfeul as you can be, and avoid large groups of people.

Thanks for your compliments on my crochet work. :slight_smile: I’ll keep going, hehe ! As long as my creations make people smile, than I’m on the right track. :slight_smile:

Wishing you a nice Sunday too !
The weather here is not too cold yet, but it’s very wet and dark. We’ve had lots of rain the past few days. Hoping for a few dry days, so I can get my garden ready for winter.


I really enjoy the creative process… color, texture, different stitches or means or techniques of doing something… from something larger, as in a ceramic piece, or something smaller. From very simple and basic, as in some of my preemie hats, to very detailed as in some of my cross stitch pieces or ceramics (I made my brother a chess set years ago that had a medieval good-vs-evil vibe to it… black pieces and white pieces, overcoated with an opal glaze. There were for castle walls I did in an opaque black that fit together in a square, with a lip inside for the chessboard to fit into… it was epic!) I love working with my hands!

As for you, keep doing what you’re doing. You obviously enjoy it, you’re quite good at it, and lots of people seem to think so too!