The Coffee Lovers ☕️🫘

I love iced coffee! Starbucks is a pretty common coffee place around most of the world, while Canada and other places have Tim Hortons; both coffee places are great.

My parents got a HUGE pack of Starbucks branded iced coffees at Walmart! I got a few and loved them! However, I went to an actual Starbucks and got the same iced mocha (in the winter, cause why not), but I could hardly drink it. I’ve only been there once so I don’t know if it was the person who made it or me just being weird.

Scientifically, taste depends what you drink out of (if that makes sense). Here is an example:
One day, you go Target or Walmart or any store and get a glass bottle of Starbucks iced coffee. You also decide to get the same drink at an atual Starbucks, but it’s a plastic cup. You drink both, but they taste different.
I know this “theory” has been tested, but I’m just over thinking. To those who don’t understand or are interested in my rant (lol), I’m sure you can find a yt video or article on Google, Safari, DuckDuckGo, or whatever you use.

^Thanks for reading my question/rant^


Its not just you; the two taste totally different. (Personally I prefer the vanilla iced coffee from the store, it tastes more like the actuall drink)


Oki all im gonna say is I LOVE TIMMYS ITS THE BEST


I’m more of a tea person, but this is interesting! I feel like I notice this a lot with water too, it tastes better out of glass opposed to plastic


i totally agreed though, like how coca cola tastes wayy better in a glass bottle
its strange​:joy: