The Lake (short story)

An unknown car pulls into the driveway of the lake house. I’ve met the people in the car. It’s Dan and his family. I stalk from the window as my parents converse with his. He spies me from the window and rolls his eyes at me. When he comes up to the door, my dog- Rosie- starts barking and going nuts. I open the door for him and Rosie jumps on him.

“Rosie! No ma’am! Getoffahim.” I pull her off Dan as he laughs.

“I’m taking her home with me.”

“Uh no. I don’t think so. She’s mine.” I say that last part in a gremlin voice. Right before he’s about to say something, his mom comes in and hands him a bag.

“Here you go. Behave yourself.” She hugs him and leaves. We watch as they pull out of the driveway.

“What was that about?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“My parents talked it over with your parents and they said it would be fine if I stayed over this weekend.”

My jaw just about hits the floor. My mom has said my entire life that I wasn’t allowed to have any boys stay over and I wasn’t allowed to sleep over at a boy’s house. “She must really like you because last I checked I wasn’t allowed to sleep over at a boys house and vice versa.”

“Ha1 I’m just better like that.”

The door opens and my parents walk in. They sit us down on the couch and my mom gives me the whole shabang on having a boy stay over. Basically no sex or kissing or - in the words of my parents- “hanky-panky.” We nod in agreement, not like we were planning on doing any of that anyway.

By the time mom’s done talking, dad has finished making lunch. Hush puppies, catfish, and bluegill.

I tell Dan, “I hope you like fish because dad caught a big load of bluegill and catfish.”

When we get out food, Dan gestures to the hush puppies and asks “What are those?”

“Hush puppies. They’re delicious! Here, I’ll get some and you can try one off my plate to see if you like it.”

When we sit down he takes a hush puppy off my plate and skeptically bites into it. He raises his eyebrows and nods. “Taht’s weewy goog!” he says through a mouth full of hush puppy.

I laugh and say, “I told you they were good.”

After lunch, I tell Dan to change into his swim trunks.


“Just do it. I’ll be right back.” I run off to change into my swimsuit- a dark green bikini. I throw on a pair of jean shorts over the bottoms and head out to the living room to see what my parents need me to get together. Mom sends me to get towels and right as I close the closet door, Dan comes out of the bathroom in his minecraft swim trunks.

“What now?” He asks.

“Come on! I hope you don’t have a problem trekking down a hill!” I drag him out the door to catch up with my parents.

When we reach the boat mom gives me a look like “really” and asks, “Did you wear that to impress him?”

“No I didn’t.”

“Mhm.” She doesn’t believe me and I don’t care.

Dan looks at me and asks, “What was that about?”

“Mom gives me a hard time about you all. The. Time. It’s very annoying. Hold on, I just remembered something. Be right back.” I walk over to mom and tell her to give Dan a hard time while he’s here. She laughs and agrees. Walking over to Dan, I smile to myself. “Alright. Put your life jacket on. We’re getting ready to head out.”

“I don’t have one…”

I sigh and ask him how much he weighs.

“Why do you need to know that?”

“So we can get you one that fits, doofus.”

He reluctantly agrees and turns out he have a spare one that fits him. I gesture for him to sit down when we start moving. Dad hooks up the radio and plays country music. Me, mom, and dad start singing along, while Dan just sits there, looking at us like we’re crazy.

“Oh sorry, I forgot you didn’t like this music.” I laugh and proceed to sing louder. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head as I belt out Quittin’ Time by Zach Bryan. I whack him with a towel when he goes to put his headphones on.

He glares at me. “What was that for?!”

“You gotta sit here and listen to our music. No headphones. And they’re liable to get wet when we swim, even if you leave them on the boat. Shoulda left them at the lake house.”

He puts his hands up in surrender. “Okay! Okay. I’ll just have to sit here and listen to this garbage music.” He reclines back on the seat, closes his eyes, and puts his hands behind his head. I whack him again with the towel just for good measure.

When we throw down the anchors in our normal spot, I whack Dan for the third time with a towel. “Get up, goober. It’s time to swim.”

He throws the towel back. “No.”

“Then why do you have your trunks on?”

“I don’t know I thought it was some weird ritual y’all did- wear your bathing suits when you don’t wanna swim.”

I roll my eyes and walk to my dad. I whisper in his ear. “Hey can you get Dan to the front of the boat for me?” he nods. “Thanks.” Dad walks back over to Dan with me and drags him to the front of the boat.

“What’re you doing?!” Dan yells.

I smirk. “Nothing.” I walk up behind him as quietly as possible. When I’m right behind him I say, “Told ya I’d get you in the lake at some point this summer,” and push him into the lake. He screams like a girl when he goes down. I jump in after him, splashing him when I hit the water. This results in a round of splashing each other progressively harder- that is until my dad jumps in and out-splashes us both.


That’s good I like it


thank you! I’ve been working on it all day bc my brain decided to give me a scenario i was/am required to turn into a short story. I may or may not add onto it idk


I loved it!!!

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Such a great story. You should write a book.


trust me honey. ive tried and failed


Please. I only have like one series of books that I really like. This story is amazing. I would buy a book like this (if it’s appropriate)


no my monkey brain cant do big projects like that it doesnt work. Ive tried twice and failed both times


same tho :sob: the amount of in-progress novels i have is WILD

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I started both of them and got 6000 words in and scrapped them. currently I’m putting together a collection of poems and short stories and poetic rants I wanna get published

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