the last time

ok guys this is the last time ima change my pfp so from now on it will be ebifurai no shippo from sumikko gurashi


You can change your pfp as many times as your heart desires :wink:


i know but i finally found one that was the cutest


Cute!!! AND HE’S GOT YARN!!! I think I’ve seen that pic before. Is it with shirokima? So cute

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i did a screenshot from a post by @anon99389822 and it was the knitting animals
but what is sumikko gurashi? Ive heard of it but im not actually sure what it ix lol


It’s a cute Japanese anime show!

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Wow, the last bit was 100% gibberish to me. :joy: But I like the new pic! And yeah, def change it as often as you want- I love doing that on other accounts of mine, and might carry it over to Ribblr soon. . . :grin:

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