The thing that changed your craft-life !

Hi everyone!
Just a little question for know what is the thing you first thought useless but actually changed your craft life ! (Can be for knitting, sewing, crocheting even modelling or drawing)

I got this post idea while i was using my desktop vacuum. I really love it especially with this sticker i put on top. I first thought it will be a gadget, actually i use very often for very small yarn ends, small cuts of papers or even glitter when i make cards. The first aim of it was to swallow all the small pieces when i build houses or dioramas.
I got 3 vacuums at home and it’s the most satisfying to clean with hehe.


I have one of those too! My mom was skeptical that I would actually use it when I first got it, but I use it all the time!


Thanks for replying :heart: haha my boyfriend thought the same, until i started to work with embossing sparkles and a heat gun :joy:


The bear sticker is so cute!! I used to think yarn rings were useless, but then I got one as a present and it’s amazing for rougher and scratchier yarns. My fingers don’t get all red and raw anymore! :smiling_face_with_tear:


Yeah i had one, i wear one for the aesthetic bc it’s a koi carp but they are very useful for me to knit ! And yeah it’s life changer too bc when i knit the top of my left finger finishes to be “hard” due to yarn passage :joy:

For scratchy yarn my dad recommanded me to put paraffine on the thread bc that’s what old people did bc a long time ago yarn wasn’t as much smooth than ours but i never tried bc i’m afraid to put some substances on my precious yarn :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Ooooh I need it!!


Must not harm the yarn!! :pleading_face:

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