The weekend is here! How was your week?

The weekend is here so it’s the perfect time to reflect back, share the highlights of your week and spread some positivity!

I’ll start! I’ve had great fun exploring some new places in the wild this week, and I made some new friends (sheeps :sheep:) who were kind enough to greet me. :sweat_smile:
How about you?


In the last 7 days I have had surgery, sold my house and had my first covid jab. A crazy week! Glad I have another week off work to get over the surgery, mind!


Oh my! Some people wouldn’t do so much in a whole year!
How are you feeling? @Hookallthethings

Much better than I was and feeling really positive. Everything is moving in the right direction.

Thank you for asking. :grin:


Glad you are felling better!


I got one bobbin’s worth of fiber prepped for a spin Polypay wool/teal, lavender, sapphire blue firestar. Will work on the 2nd bobbin’s worth next week. Almost done with the fingerless mitts I have been working on for 6 months :joy::joy:.


Wow it looks amazing!!

We just got new bicycles. Haven’t ridden in 20 years or so, but like they say, it’s just like riding a bike. Haha. I added the cute basket and have a horn ordered, just because. This is gonna be good.



That fibre looks amazing. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is leisurely with some projects.


When are you going out for your first ride? Where will you go?

That’s amazing! it looks great!


We went out 2 days in a row now. We live next to a baseball field, so we are able to ride around the block, while our dog runs on the grass inside us. First day we went through the alley first, so maybe 6 blocks. Second day I went around twice, so 8 blocks. Doesn’t sound like much but I’m almost 60, so pretty happy with it. And, yay, I never fell. :grin:


Sounds fun!

Thanks, I’m excited to see how it spins up, I’ll post when it’s yarn ;). The fingerless mitts were a Christmas gift for last Christmas :joy::joy:. I should be done with them today :), Christmas in July right? Well May anyway :joy::joy:.

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