This year's advent gifts

Is anyone else really not liking the advent gifts this year.
Last year I got a free crochet pattern every day but this year I’ve barely gotten one free pattern
So many knitting ones (I can’t knit) and percent off their shop.
It’s so annoying as last year was great and I would check in every day to see what I could be making. This year feels so disappointing


Yeah, they havent been super great, but the way I see it, they don’t have to do the advent in the first place, so we should be happy we are even getting anything :woman_shrugging: But yeah, they haven’t been great.


Yes, I agree there are not really many things I can actually use (I cannot knit and don’t use the paid shops on here including joanns)


Last year, the knitters felt left out…
And like previously stated, they don’t have to do anything :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:


I wasn’t here for last year, but I’m happy with the prizes this year! The first one blew me away, a 15 dollar bundle for free!? I still gotta get yarn to make those little animals :sweat_smile:


The JoAnn’s coupons don’t always work plus I get enough of those spinning the wheel. It would be nice to get patterns.


Yeah that’s true! I am very very excited to make that bundle :smiling_face::heartpulse:


You’re not the only one! The only good patterns we get are for knitting; I too cant knit. The wheel is also really bad and rigged.


I love the wheel and the new knitting patterns! Personally, i only know how to crochet, but this definitely does give incentives to learn knitting.

Plus, i love the shop discounts! Although free is great, many pattern designers spend hours upon hours making patterns. This way, they still can get some compensation and spread holiday cheer.

Its also good to remember that this is the spirit of giving and community, this takes a lot of effort to put together and to make work. Anything that comes with discounts, freebies, etc has always just been a bonus for me!


Ye… coupons that we’ve already been bombarded with and extra spins for no luck are kinda meh. I guess some people probably got a good thing from the double wheel.

If they didnt have enough stuff planned ,they couldve just done a week of christmas instead.

It doesnt bother me too much tho. Even if i dont use most of the stuff, i atleast got a cute hat pattern and some amis from the first day


As some of the others have stated, it is generous for them to do anything :heart: it is a difficult task to try to determine what would appeal to the majority of people.

I’m grateful for the patterns I did claim and the chances to look at new shops and patterns that I normally would not see.

Thank you Ribblr!


I’ve seen alot of replys saying that they couldn’t have done it. Personally I think if they are doing it they should have at least planned and gave everyone a even amount rather than coupons and only good knitting patterns. Im Happy they did it I just wish that they planned ahead and made it feel a lot more worth it. And yes the wheel is 100% rigged it slows down early to make sure to hit the lose one


Most of the free patterns were crochet ones; A pullover, 2 amigurumi, a mitten pattern. Plus discounts for some crochet shops. I don’t think there is a lack of good crochet patterns as all the ones added were very well written.

The wheel is also not meant to give everyone a 100 dollar gift card. Think of it as a lottery with bonuses, you get a free chance, but if you don’t hit the jackpot you get another prize, which could be 2x free patterns, a materials coupon, etc.

You also don’t have to participate at all if you don’t like it, etc, I think it’s just important to remember that these are mostly meant to be gifts or bonuses if you want them. Otherwise, if you don’t, you can just treat Ribblr like Ribblr minus th event kind of thing.